I first became acquainted with Toni Morrison in 1987 when my childhood friend Wendy sent me a copy of Beloved in the mail. Throughout my life, this book remains one of my favorites. The image of “one off-centered orange square” in a quilt on a bed haunts me from time to time.

Other Morrison stories that I read over and over (and over) again: Sula and Song of Solomon

How can you not love and cherish a woman who has won the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes and recently received the PEN/Borders Literary Service Award?

The current Time Magazine features a reader interview with Ms. Morrison in their “10 Questions” section which reminded me why Toni Morrison continues to be an inspiration and a hero:,8599,1738303,00.html

I love this question and, her answer:

Out of all the novels you’ve written, do you have a favorite?
—Sarah Henderson, Loma Linda, Calif.

No, I always am most deeply impressed with the one that’s going on at the moment.

Her new book, a non-fiction, “collects three decades of Toni Morrison’s writings about her work, her life, literature, and American society:”

What Moves at the Margin

Photograph: Gregg Delman for TIME

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