Thanks to all of you who have sent letters and words of encouragement for my father.

We finally got him moved to the University of Alabama Medical Center in Birmingham and are hoping for a complete recovery.

Birmingham has become world renowned for their work in stroke recovery and the study of the brain and the concept of “plasticity.”

The Birmingham News ran an article yesterday about the revolutionary CI Therapy and Dr. Taub:

Patients make Pilgrimage to Birmingham for Brain Growth

My father is not so far along yet, but we are looking forward to the process of healing.

Thanks again to you all…

**I ran the picture above earlier in the year but thought appropriate to include it in this post. This picture was taken on my Brownie camera in 1964. My father holds me on our family horse – “Queenie” – while my grandfather pushes the button. I can smell hay, saddles and the wood of the barn when I look at this picture.

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