In celebration of Earth Day, we would like to honor our farmers – stewards of the land – who strive to grow cotton that sustains the earth and enriches our lives. To Green Textiles, our knitters, who support the work of those farmers and create the most luxurious fabrics that are the basis of our garments.

Thank you to our artisans, the heart of our company, who use their wondrous talents to create our garments one stitch at a time with needle and thread.

A thank you to STC, and Melanie, for providing us a platform to share our philosophy, history, techniques and products through Alabama Stitch Book and our upcoming Alabama Studio Style (February 2010). We are grateful for the wonderful process of learning to share and having the opportunity to teach how to make your own garments.

A hearty round of applause to our crafters and sewers who work to recycle items from their closets (and local thrift stores) into their own lives and who support our efforts each and every day…

What better way to celebrate the bounty that is our earth. Happy Day…

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