Everyone who knows me knows that I am definitely not a knitter. My fingers just can’t make those little movements and I am much too impatient to make it to the end of a project.

While I have sewn and crocheted since I can remember, I have never been able to understand the groove of knitting. I collect yarns, needles and threads in every weight and color as I love the way they sit in the basket together. And I find that all of the notions for knitting are absolutely beautiful.

Melanie swears that she can teach me to knit & I am waiting with baited breath to hear her acquiesce that I am un-teachable… with her laughing all the while at my uneven, crooked stitches. (The idea of my weekend knitting course appeals to my adventurous spirit.)

BUT if I were to knit, I would certainly start with this beautiful Felted Saddle Blanket for the horse that Butch is threatening to buy. This book, and all the projects, from Suzan Mischer  make me want to go right over to Purl to order loads of yarn and accessories. Greetings from Knit Café now available in paperback.

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