I loved that this article found its way to USA TODAY:

On tiny plots, a new generation of farmers emerges

What if the story was rewritten like this:

In tiny factories, a new generation of manufacturers emerges The wave of young manufacturers in tiny factories is too new and too small to have turned up significantly in manufacturing statistics, but people in the manufacturing world acknowledge there’s something afoot. For these new manufacturers, going back to the factory isn’t a rejection of conventional society, but an embrace of making products for market as an honorable, important career choice — one that’s been waning in the last decades. It’s about creating something real — the stuff that touches peoples life — and at the same time healing the Earth. Says one small manufacturer, “The America that I want to live in will support people who are willing to work their asses off, who want to do good things for their community. We’re patriots of place. Here I am, I’m doing my part.” Three factors have made these small, organic factories possible: a rising consumer demand for organic and local merchandise, a huge increase in product markets nationwide, and the growing popularity of community-supported programs.

Read the story again & replace the word farm with factory, food with product.

A standing ovation to our farmers – young and old – who are choosing to make a difference…

*Photo Elizabeth DeRamus

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