My new favorite material in our studio is the Yarn Ball.

Made from scraps of our 100% organic cotton jersey, the scraps are pulled by hand (see page 99 of Alabama Studio Style for instructions) into ropes and then tied together with a square knot and rolled into these beautiful balls.

The largest ball is 12” in diameter and weighs about 6 lbs. Although I love them just as objects just to sit around the studio, Diane Hall – our master seamstress – knitted the beautiful scarf above using this “yarn.”

Shown here in Storm Blue, I have worn my scarf everyday in this cold weather as it sits just like a collar under all of my sweaters and jackets.  Keep an eye out for this in our upcoming Fall/Winter collection or get started knitting now… yes, knitting. (Melanie, are you reading this?)   The yarn is also great for making placemats, bathroom or door mats, braided rugs or just tying two things together.

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