Stenciling is at the core of all of our Alabama Chanin collections; to date it is the sole means by which we transfer decorative patterns onto our fabrics.

The simplest way to work is to buy a ready-made stencil; they are commonly sold at craft and art supply stores.

You can also use existing artwork (either from a book or CD of stencil designs or another source), or make your own stencil.

For the projects in Alabama Studio Style, we have provided two stencil patterns: Angie’s Fall and Medallion stencils have been used in two different sizes. The Small Medallion stencil is provided as a pullout located between pages 144 and 145 of Alabama Studio Style and is ready to use.

And here, you can download the artwork to create your own Alabama Studio Style stencils and projects:

Angie’s Fall Placement Stencil

Angie’s Fall All-Over Stencil

Medallion Placement Stencil


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