Tattoos are not something that I ever particularly wanted (and don’t have – yet); but, I appreciate a beautiful tattoo and love this one from our friend Mary Quinn – visiting in the studio this week.

It is just a beautiful little reminder for her:  PRAY for good things.

Danielle LaPorte has a great list of 8 things to keep in mind when considering a tattoo:

Tattoos. Go Scared Or Go Home

Mary Quinn says that she has a “two-year incubation period for any tattoo.” If she still dreams of ink after her period of reflection, she proceeds with joy.

More on tattoos coming soon from our friend Sara – who has just tattooed the shape of the state of Alabama with reverse appliqué.

5 thoughts on “PRAY FOR GOOD THINGS

  1. britt

    great alternative to tatoos…henna. looks cool and fades away so that you can change them whenever. you can mix a batch up on your own and go to town.


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