How lovely to spend time this weekend just sitting, reading, and dreaming. A sun drenched afternoon, tea, time with Holly Becker’s new book Decorate leaves me inspired. Every so often a book seems to speak directly to our sensibilities, and I can’t help but feel that Decorate was somehow made for me (and I am not alone). Guidance for highlighting design and architectural details, while using a predominately white pallet- yes please.

In my mind, I’m already planning demolition, knocking out certain walls and adding others – and I haven’t even made it halfway through the book. At the moment, I have too many irons in the fire to realistically plan a domestic overhaul; still, each time I close the cover it seems that I’ve marked yet another page with the hope that I might find the time to integrate the ideas inside into my own home. Though next year’s calendar is already filling rapidly, I am confident that I will return to Decorate often.


2 thoughts on “DECORATE – DECOR8

  1. beth lord

    It is a beautiful book! For our last four day weekend (and I do not even recall when that was), I went and bought Holly Becker’s “Decorate” and Christiane Lemieux’s “Undecorate” to enjoy over the long weekend. I have yet to put either away!

  2. Lucy

    I am in the process of decorating a couple of new offices and this is just the look we are going for! I’m going to have to pick this one up….tomorrow!! Thanks for sharing.


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