I adore clothes. Both my closet and a large portion of the surrounding floor space are a testament to that. My lack of self control, paired with a job that forces me to be around beautiful garments all day, means I acquire more than I should and more than I have room for. At some point I will have to pay Alabama Chanin for working here.

My morning routine usually consists of two or three outfit changes. And if I’m getting ready for a special occasion- forget it; it’s going to take a while. At least that was the norm before Agnes, my daughter, came onto the scene. Life with a tiny human that refused to sleep quickly put showering in the luxury category and landed multiple wardrobe changes nowhere near the radar.

So, when Agnes was brand new, I decided to borrow a page from the Uniform Project, which I think is so inspiring. I’d been wearing a sample of our fitted tank dress about three days a week, so I thought this might have potential to be my new “uniform.” I bought a second tank dress in black, like the first one.  I would wash my dress in the sink during my nightly routine then hang it to dry. It was always ready to go by morning. I even had a spare for days that left me too exhausted to wash and hang.

I didn’t make it an entire year. Agnes started sleeping through the night and I found myself eyeballing the next set of samples a little too lustfully. But, I did enjoy almost three blissful months of a somewhat monastic wardrobe. I never felt out of place, under, or over dressed.

It’s amazing how versatile a garment can be when it feels good and fits well.

5 thoughts on “THE UNIFORM

  1. Julie Bowersett

    Every day I stare at my closet, at the dozens of garments I haven’t worn in years, and I say “I’ve really got to clean this place out”. I’m really starting to believe in the concept of quality over quantity. If I can only find the time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Janet Kurtz

    I can relate to so much of this! My partner, the architect, built me a closet (for him to share) when I moved in. Of course my shoes took a large portion of that. What space they didn’t take, was left for my wardrobe. This left him a few feet of space for his suits and mountainous collection of t-shirts. After 5 years of cohabitation he has been able to hold firm on his territory but my side of the closet continues to expand, onto the floor. He is a very patient man.

  3. Louise

    I love the idea of a uniform. I work so early in the morning that I usually throw on what’s there but would like to juice it up and make it neater with something planned and predictable. And maybe play with the jackets/sweaters on top.

  4. linda

    hey june!. i am building my ac wardrobe as fast as i can. fantastically easy dressing it is glorifying. i won’t stop until my house is filled ac style. fashion, eco and ease. love to all at the factory. another visit to see y’all is on my christmas list. hope santa is good to me. shine on.


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