I have to admit that I visit pretty often, mostly from my phone. I’m the person blocking an entire aisle at the grocery store with all of my attention focused on the screen in my hand. Was it brown sugar? Baking powder or cornstarch? Then suddenly I’m rethinking my entire plan because of a comment made by someone called “lovestocook22” in 2004.

I’ll still receive my daily email from, but this year I am banning the endless internet recipe hunt. In my search for the best cornbread recipe, my query returned 4,940,000 results. My former self would have attempted to read every single one. This year I’m embracing the cookbook instead.

I’ve always adored cookbooks. The best ones have dog-eared corners, notes in the margin, a dusting of flour in the pages. They are all at once nostalgic, sentimental, and incredibly helpful. This holiday season we’re going to share a few of our favorite cookbook selections and a recipe from each one. Comments welcome of course!


4 thoughts on “COOKBOOKS – AGAIN

    1. Mary Beth

      I, too, am returning to my cookbook library! While I love reading the online reviews for second opinions, nothing replaces the feel of cookbooks in hand. I just received Hugh Acheson’s book as a wedding present, along with a wonderful southern book of nothing but pies…cannot wait to dogear and splatter those!
      Looking forward to your selections.

  1. Susan

    I have two favorites. My everyday cookbook is Modern Italian Cooking by Biba Caggiano. It is a fantastic, easy Italian cookbook by an Italian woman who moved to this country as a young bride in the 60’s. All the dishes I have made from this book are fabulous. It is out of print, but we keep buying copies from Alibris as gifts. The second book is one I go to throughout the year for special occasions or just a special treat and it is especially good for the holidays: Great Holiday Baking Book by Beatrice Ojakangas. I believe this one is also out of print, but I got mine out of the library, loved it so much that I bought from Alibris, my goto site for used books.

    I also go the library and check out cookbooks when I tire of my own cooking. Sometimes I discover a good one this way. Right now, I love Ina Garten’s books. I have checked several out, and I am now trying to decide which on of her many to buy!

    1. Laura M

      Marcella Hazan’s classic Italian cookbook – simple ingredients, deep flavors. The recipes that I’ve made from this book have a depth of flavor that I’ve only found when I lived in Louisiana – simple, everyday food deeply and thoughtfully seasoned. Also, Cooks Illustrated magazine really is the last word on the best of the best recipes for everything. I’m famous in my town for “my” cookies – but they’re really recipes I found in Cooks Illustrated.


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