Thank you to everyone who braved the rain and came out for our Holiday Market + Cocktail Party last night. Especially to our artists Doug Baulos, Merrilee Challiss, Butch Anthony, and Robert Rausch. Plus all our area musicians: The Pine Hill Haints, The Bear, Lauderdale, Belle Adair and Doc Dailey and the Magnolia Devils who provided sound track, good cheer, and music for holiday gifts.  And thanks to International Wines in Birmingham for good spirits and the for the lovely Belstar Prosecco that we used for our Alabama Royale.  Olivia held an impromptu knotting class which turned out to be the hit of the night. It was great to see everyone wearing necklaces, bracelets, and scarves made from our scrap cotton jersey.  And welcome to our newest family member – Pree – my daughter Maggie’s dog.  Come by today from 10 am – 6 pm for a hair of the dog. xoNatalie

2 thoughts on “HOLIDAY MARKET 2011

  1. jonn weiland

    oooh the tree, lovely and super cool! – looks like a magical event; you are truly magical Natalie
    Welcome Pree (?Prius)-go Maggie, go Natalie, go Pree and a happy little family!
    A holiday shout out of joy to my workshop mates from November and all at AC-signed up for Nov 2012 weekend, hope to see some of you again
    xo-jonn(y devil-angel)


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