The response to our Weekend Workshop Give-Away on our Facebook Page has been tremendous and inspiring, but also difficult in that we don’t know how to choose a winner.

This might have been one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make all year. So many people, so many deserving stories… The result is that instead of giving away one Weekend Workshop, we are giving away five.

Drum roll…

We want to congratulate Janette Danley for her daughter’s beautiful story of her mother’s selfless love and Sarah Straud for understanding the true essence of giving by recommending Janette Danley – rather than herself.  Their stories are below. We look forward to sharing the weekend with these two women in our studio this coming April.

And since we couldn’t stop there…

We would invite Julie Glasgow Higginbotham’s mother to our Weekend Workshop in August and Anne Heartness’ friend Melissa to our weekend workshop in November.

If the winners could please contact us via email office (at) alabamachanin.com, we will complete the registration. We look forward to sharing these stories in the coming year. Thank you again for all the beautiful stories and happy days to all…

In the spirit of the holidays from Dawn Danley-Nichols:

A Studio Weekend Workshop would be the perfect gift for my mom, Janette Danley, because she has always enjoyed sewing, but she would never “indulge” in such a gift for herself. Mom learned how to sew as a child while growing up on her family’s farm in Kansas. She honed her skills over the years and even won a sewing contest in her early 20s (which she often quietly bragged about to my sister and me). As a young girl, all of my clothes were handmade by her. She also took time to teach me how to sew, and I was off and running by age 6. But, as often happens, life events get in the way of doing things you enjoy. So when my father left her as the single mother and sole provider (well before child support was strictly enforced) of two young daughters, she went to work. She often worked two jobs (one of them at the city dump, which was somewhat embarrassing to her teenage daughters) to keep my sister and me fed and clothed. She taught my sister and me the strength of being smart, self-sufficient women. Although she wasn’t able to pay for our college or grad school tuition, she was always there for support. I remember several visits near exam time to quiz me for hours for my tests, make me dinner, and/or do laundry. I lived 11 hours away during law school, and yet she was willing to come to make sure I succeeded. So now that her two daughters have become adults and now that she is nearing retirement age, she finally has some free time again. So this Christmas, she is reconnecting with sewing by making her first item (the exact item will be a Christmas surprise) from the Alabama Studio Style book, as a gift to me. Attending a Studio Weekend Workshop would help her reconnect with her love of sewing and hopefully reconnect with herself after giving so much to others over the years.

And from Sarah Stroud:

A Studio Weekend Workshop would be the perfect gift for Janette Danley because the story her daughter, Dawn, wrote about her was filled with love and admiration for a woman whose life has been about selflessness. Many parts of the story reminded me of my mother. I came to “the wall” this morning to plead my own case for winning the Studio Weekend Workshop, for reasons similar to many already written. I thought I would first check out the “competition” and read a few entries already submitted. After reading about Janette, I just could not…in good conscience…ask to win. Please consider Janette for the weekend. Though I do not know her, she sounds like an incredible woman, deserving of a wonderful weekend experience with you! And maybe, just maybe, another opportunity will come along for me to visit your Studio to learn and grow!

P.S.: I  apologize for my typo in the post… it was meant as 4 winners, I wrote 5, but we will be awarding  6 spots.  Congratulations to Natalie Judith and Miranda Geiger… please contact office (at) alabamachanin.com for further details.  Happy Holidays!


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