Our latest DIY Kit is a collection of the tools and materials necessary to create your very own custom stencils. In addition, we’ve also included, as suggestions, a handful of our favorite placement options in print form. Simply select your desired print, attach it to the stencil felt using your spray adhesive, and cut away the dark areas of the print to create the stencil of your choice.

Each DIY Stencil Kit contains:

5 pieces of 18” x 12” pennant felt
Our favorite Comfort Grip X-Acto Knife
5 #11 extra fine replacement blades
Spray adhesive
1 Bloomers Placement Print
1 Abbie’s Flower Placement Print
1 Angie’s Fall Leaves Print
1 Angie’s Fall Large Flower Print
1 Angie’s Fall Small Flower Print


  1. Jessica

    I have a stencil question: I have been slowly cutting out Angie’s Fall in clear vinyl. I bought some spray adhesive that quilters use for when I eventually put it on fabric and paint. I am a little terrified of the spray adhesive…any advice? I’m worried it will stick too much and damage the fabric or leave some sort of film.

    I am working on the Inked and Quilted Camisole Dress from book #2 although it’s hard not to dive into the new projects!

    Thank you,

    1. Barb

      I’m not sure if anyone answered you yet but what I have done is made some quick & dirty stencils (using transparency film & a hot knife) and did some tests using the adhesive I was able to find locally. Do the tests on some scraps that are similar to the fabric you’ll be using in your garment so you’ll be able to get a feel for how much to spray and if you need to let it dry for a while so you don’t get a big tacky mess. If your test samples come out well, you get the bonus of having some pieces that you can use as a quilt, or a pillow or an applique on another garment. :-)
      Good luck!
      Barb (who is happily wearing her rooster skirt made of material from the scrap bag!)


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