4 thoughts on “STOP. PAUSE. BE SILENT.

  1. anita

    I know that when we send our children to school tomorrow, the whole nation is covering them with extra blankets of good will and protection. Love and kisses to all.

  2. Cathy in Connecticut

    If ever we take a day for granted, let friday remind us how truly fragile life is…That no matter how careful we are, no matter how hard we try as parents, things happen that are completely out of our control. Every day is a miracle and we must make the most of it. I pray for peace for these families- God please help them get through…it is incomprehensible

  3. britt

    i agree whole heartedly. i shouldn’t have to fear my kids going to school. i am a teacher. it even makes me think twice about heading to work. what if i piss off a student today? or their parent or sibling doesn’t like the grade they receive?? i shouldn’t have to think twice about the day to day things and worry about…well…crazies.


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