This weekend marks the 15th year of the Doo-Nanny festival, simply called ‘Doo-Nanny’. The folk art festival has grown and evolved into a temporary community filled with creative expression that occupies Butch’s 80-acre farm once a year.

When Butch speaks of the history of Doo-Nanny, his story begins with a turnip root that was plowed up in his garden by friend John Henry Toney. The turnip “had a face in it,” so he drew a picture of it and sold in a nearby junk shop to a folk art collector. And so, in 1996, Doo-Nanny was born out of a roadside art show. Years later, the folk art festival merged with a “lo-fi” movie festival and is now complete with solar showers, an outdoor community kitchen, art vendors, and culminates with a burning effigy for the celebration on Saturday night.

Ready for art and making, campers, artists, musicians, and free spirits arrive here for fun, food, music, and experimental architecture. Children run free (but supervised). I’ve heard first-time attendees say nothing could have prepared them for the spectacle of the weekend; this year’s event is certain to be another good one.


As the website says:

Come all ye inventors, movie makers, ballerinas, bikers, morticians, bakers, artists, conspiracy theorists, scientists, foodies, eco-whatevers, moonshiners, comedians, fire-spinners, yodelers, he-shes, animal-trainers, pickle-makers, party girls, sock monkeys, stackers, jugglers, musicians, whittlers, spankers, fisherpersons, beggars, wanderers, and map-makers….

Rain or shine, we will see you at the Doo-Nanny.

*Images above from my time spent in Seale and the Museum of Wonder website.


8 thoughts on “DOO-NANNY

  1. Jett

    You know, you were one of the first people I photographed there on the farm the first year, when we all camped down in the bowl. I had no idea who you were, but found you lovely and compelling. When I saw you wandering around this weekend I thought about those pictures of you dancing with Maggie on your shoulders. I need to root them out of my digital filebox and send them along to you.

  2. Mary Jennifer Russell


    Would you mind sharing your Doo-Nanny folk artist contact list with me? I started an event in New Albany, Mississippi, last year called Folk Art on the River. I was planning on attending the Doo-Nanny this year and am so sad that it didn’t happen – it looked like so much fun! Because ours is a new and still somewhat small event (it attracted 1500 visitors last year), we are offering a “vacation package” to attract quality folk artists to exhibit with us. The package includes hotel accommodations, a free bicycle rental for the Tanglefoot Trail, dinner for two at one of our downtown restaurants, gift certificates to my bakery and our downtown coffee shop, a free tour of our local wolf preserve, and free admission to our heritage museum and local Indian Mound. We will accept 10 artists for each event (June 14, July 12, and August 9) and offer this package to each of them. A good time will be had by all!!

    Thanks for your help,

    Mary Jennifer Russell


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