The Alabama Chanin Garage Sale is back. Open at 9 am CST (now), we feature items from our recent sample sale, along with trims, notions, fabrics, DIY Kits, and treasures galore (yes, it’s an online sample sale).

Shop our Alabama Chanin Garage Sale for a select few one-of-a-kind garments and home goods.

Shop our DIY Garage Sale for special-dyed fabrics, notions, DIY Kits, and more.

If you participated in one of our previous garage sales, you know items go very quickly, and our inventory system is not always able to keep up. We have taken precautions and hope everything runs smoothly, but please be patient with us as we fill orders and keep up with the excitement.


1) Most of our Garage Sale items are one-of-a-kind—meaning, there really is only one—except where indicated. If you buy it first, it’s yours. Just adding an item to your cart doesn’t mean it’s yours, you have to click purchase first.

2) Once you buy it, it’s yours. No returns, exchanges, or buyer’s remorse allowed. (You won’t want to anyway.)

3) Everything is sold as-is. We have done our best to give complete descriptions. If something is less than perfect, we have tried to let you know.  But then, we love less than perfect from time-to-time and are sure that you will love your purchase, too.

4) Be happy. Make good things. Love your neighbor. Share.

5) We’ve been enjoying these Garage Sales and having fun re-discovering what’s hiding in all of our storage boxes. As long as you keep coming back, we’ll keep having them.

Call us if you need our help, just call: +1.256.760.1090
Or email: office (at)


4 thoughts on “GARAGE SALE 2013

    1. Alabama

      Hi Heather,

      We’re so sorry. We’ve had one reported issue on an iPad, but that’s about all. I’m going to email you and see if I can help.

  1. Jan

    Has it already closed? I just saw the links on Facebook a few minutes ago, but have been unable to access the garage sale event.


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