I am a child of the 1960s…no way around it. And, while denim has been around since 1860’s-era France, the decades of the 60’s and 70’s jump to my mind when I think of this fabric. That era also makes me think of all the controversy around the American Flag and its use as a symbol on both sides of divisive matters like segregation, the Vietnam War, and other social issues. Images of Abbie Hoffman, clad in his American Flag button-up shirt, alongside flags made entirely of cut-up old blue jeans come to mind. Like I said, a child of the 60’s.

We recently received a comment, referring us to the United States Flag Code, suggesting that our American Flag Quilt doesn’t adhere strictly to the advisory rules. I want it to be clear that I love my home and our flag—that symbol of home. The Alabama Chanin representation of the American flag is made by stitching together disparate pieces to create a beautiful, larger whole. We take care with every small scrap of fabric, embroidering each stenciled piece so that when inspected up close, you can see the detail involved; each small piece painted with a different stencil; stitched using a different technique; each technique modified to highlight the possible variations; all somehow fitting together…much like our country.

INDIGO FLAG QUILT - photograph by Robert Rausch

In celebration of the birth of our country (and my memories of growing up), we now offer this natural dyed Indigo American Flag Quilt. The Indigo version is as beautiful as the original, but highlights our naturally dyed fabric. The colors of the indigo fabric may change slightly in tone from piece-to-piece, but once you complete construction of the quilt, any slight color changes highlight the natural beauty and rich hues of indigo.

INDIGO FLAG QUILT - photograph by Robert Rausch

Both the Flag Quilt and the DIY Flag Kits are made with 100% organic cotton medium-weight fabric and constructed using techniques from our Alabama Studio Book Series.

You can also modify instructions for our traditional American Flag Quilt to construct the Indigo American Flag Quilt. Use our example grid or create your own patterns and designs.


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  1. Carol

    I looked back at the original flag & I never realized that each strip was appliqued. They are wonderful! Makes me want to start gathering cloth.

  2. Laureen

    I am stitching the original AC American flag quilt right now with an all white American flag kit waiting in the wings. I take a panel with me everywhere I go and it always stirs conversation, from hand sewing to manufacturing to cobbler recipes! I am honored to create such a lasting piece of beauty and pride with family and friends. When I “love the thread” on this project it’s with positive intentions for our country, our leaders, our military and our families–and a few rounds of ‘My Country ‘Tis of Thee’ or ‘You’re a Grand Old Flag’ thrown in! (It’s a lot of thread!)

    This indigo flag has taken my breath away, and something tells me it may be on my Christmas wish list!

    Thank you, Natalie! You rock!

  3. Denise

    I recently started a flag quilt using your flag quilt as inspiration. I decided to raid all the old tee shirts I’ve been saving for “something”. Unfortunately I did not have a large supply of red tees, so I am going to be looking a thrift stores or dying some of my white tees. When I first started I did not realize that all of the stripes are embroidered. I’m now thinking that I’ll embroider the red stripes and write words of freedom on the white stripes.