Join us for our first ever Studio Style DIY Trunk Show

August 14 – August 26, 2013

@ A Verb for keeping warm
6328 San Pablo Ave
Oakland, CA 94608

For more information, contact: office (at) or A Verb for Keeping Warm + 510.595.8372.

Trunk shows have long been a part of the Alabama Chanin business model. It’s a rewarding experience to share the Collection with fashion enthusiasts and loyal customers, to watch them fall in love with the details and intricacies of our hand-sewn, hand-embroidered garments.

Now, for the first time ever, we are hosting a trunk show solely for our Studio Style DIY customers. Makers will have the opportunity to handle and try on the basic, unadorned pieces in a range of sizes, while reviewing a selection of fabric swatches that can be made into custom DIY Kits.  Additionally, there will be a selection of our embellished garments, Studio Style books, fabric swatches, fabric, and a variety of notions for sale.

If you know a knit shop or sewing store in your community where you’d like to see our Studio Style DIY fabrics, kits, and supplies, or a Studio Style DIY Trunk Show, reach out and let us know. For more information on wholesale accounts and for setting up a Trunk Show, contact office (at) or call +1.256.760.1090 and ask for Betsy.


Additionally, on August 17, 2013, we will be hosting a One-Day Workshop @ Heath Ceramics.

10:30 am – 5:30pm

2900 18th Street
San Francisco, California 94110

The cost of the workshop includes materials, instruction from the Alabama Chanin
team, and lunch. Kristine from A verb for keeping warm, will be also on-hand at the One-Day Workshop with a few select items from our Studio Style DIY Trunk Show.

For more information, contact Alabama Chanin: workshops (at)

or call Olivia at +1.256.760.1090



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  1. Susan

    Oh, sorry I’ll miss this — my permanent home is in Oakland but am living in NOLA for all of 2013 . . . maybe you’ll do this next year too? Fingers crossed!

  2. Erika

    Will be trunk show be Aug. 14 through Aug 26 or just the two days? I might be able to attend the Aug. 26 event!

  3. alison

    How I wished that I lived near the Bay Area! I would love to have the chance to look more closely at your garments and touch them, and to have a chance to actually see inside the swatch books. I find that I am so inspired by both the techniques and the thought and philosophy behind the work. I have made several shirts and pinafores, and have actually encouraged other friends of mine to try handwork. Next week I am an attendant in a friends wedding, and the entire wedding party will be wearing garments made in the Alabama Chanin style, that they have made themselves with the instructions from the books.

    I did go to the Alabama Chanin trunk show here in Portland earlier this year, but the salespeople in the store treated me very badly. They told me that looking in the swatch books was only for those who were placing an order, and got very upset when I wanted to take pictures of the clothing, even though I had already asked downstairs if that was permitted. I wrote about it on my blog, and posted the very few pictures they allowed me to take before they basically shooed me out of their store (even though there were almost no other customers on that floor, so I wasn’t disturbing anyone) I am 58 years old, clean and properly dressed and courteous, and had never had such a thing happen to me before!