At Alabama Chanin, we are proud of our home’s musical legacy. As we have written before, we are also proud to be surrounded by an impressive group of local, up-and-coming musicians. The Bear and Belle Adair are just two of a growing list of our favorite local bands.

Both bands have released records under local, indie label, Single Lock Records – founded by John Paul White of the Civil Wars, Ben Tanner of the Alabama Shakes, and Shoals native Will Trapp.


Belle Adair, helmed by Matt Green and described by Paste Magazine as a band “fixated on delicate melodies and encapsulating instrumentation,” released their first album, The Brave and the Blue, this year.

The Bear, whose second album, Overseas Then Under, was ranked as one of Amazon’s 101 Best Albums of the Year, is helmed by husband and wife team, Louisa Murray and Nathan Pitts.

As part of our Holiday Gift Guide selection, we are offering Belle Adair’s The Brave and the Blue CD as well as a 7” vinyl split single highlighting both bands. Side A of the single features Belle Adair on “Shakin’ Dead,” and Side B features “Jack and Joan,” by The Bear.

We invite you to sample some of our local music and we promise that you will love it as much as we do.

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