Over the past six months, we have been developing a selection of new colors to add to our fabric library. Each time we add to our color library, we begin the color development process by browsing through Pantone Solid Chips. In the studio, these books are used for reference as we select new fabric dyes. Once potential color options are chosen, color swatches—in the form of paper, fabric swatches, and/or Pantone chips—are sent to the dye house in Raleigh, North Carolina, so that they can create dyes to match the samples. We have worked with our dye house extensively for custom color development and dyeing since 2008. They perform lab dips—developing a color recipe—and test dyes on our organic cotton jersey; the fabric samples are then sent to us for comparison, inspection, and approval. Sometimes the hue comes out right on the first try; other times there is a back-and-forth process until the perfect shade and hue is achieved.

We are excited to announce the addition of seven new medium-weight organic cotton jersey fabric colors: Dusk, Gold, Persimmon, Autumn, Wine, Teal, and (an updated) Peach. They are vibrantly saturated and fit perfectly alongside our existing shades.

While the first six are additions to our existing color palette, Peach is an improved-upon color. Dye lots can change over time, with variations in the ingredients and methods. Our Peach had begun to resemble Light Pink, and therefore it was due an update to a fresher, brighter look.

These new colors will be replacing Popcorn, Green Tea, Green Organic, Brown Tea, and Brown Organic fabrics, as these naturally grown colored cottons are no longer available.  At the same time, Indigo—originally included on Color Card 2—is also grouped with our more robust selection of nine Natural Dye fabrics, and is offered in both Light and Medium-weight.


With over 50 available colors, we understand that at times it can be difficult to tell the difference between Nude, Sand, Taupe, and Natural (or other similar shades) from your computer screen. This is one reason we offer color cards: to see and feel a sample of our fabrics at home before you make your online purchase.

Color cards are a design tool found in many studios and used for inspiration throughout the design process. They can be a great resource if you’re planning an upcoming DIY project, or if you want to make sure you’ve chosen the perfect shade of blue (we have about 12 now) before you purchase a hand-made garment.


We’ve updated our Medium-weight Organic Cotton Jersey Color Card 2 to include the seven new colors. If you’ve previously purchased a Medium-weight Organic Cotton Jersey Color Card 2 from us, we’re happy to send you our new fabric swatches so that you can update your card at home. Please email with your name and current shipping address. Within the week, we’ll drop the square-cut pieces of fabric in an envelope and ship to your home (free of charge).

If you don’t yet own our color cards, you can purchase Medium-weight Organic Cotton Jersey Color Card 1, Color Card 2, or both here.

Purchase our vibrant new fabrics by the yard here along with the rest of our medium-weight organic cotton jersey.

(First photograph courtesy of Rinne Allen.)



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