Today, April 24, is the one-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has also been declared Fashion Revolution Day—celebrating best practices in the fashion industry and raising awareness of the true cost of fast fashion.

In homage to the anniversary, we etched wax candles with our Anna’s Garden and Bloomers stencil designs—candles we will light tonight in honor of the lives lost.

Fashion Revolution Day is asking: Who made your clothes? Not just where they were manufactured…but who spun the threads? Who sewed them together? Who grew the cotton? What you do with your discoveries is up to you.

The Fashion Revolution movement is encouraging everyone to wear clothes inside out today—tags showing—to join the conversation on fast fashion and creating a more sustainable future.


Explore the hashtag #insideout on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And create your own tribute by following our instructions for DIY Etched Candles.


Wax candles (we used 9” tall pillar candles)
Paper for stencil
#2 pencil, sharpened
Carving tool (we used an X-ACTO knife)

*Our Bloomers and Anna’s Garden stencils are available for download from our Resources page.

Wrap your paper around the candle to map out the area you plan to stencil and etch.

Once you have decided size and placement, transfer the design onto the paper to create a small stencil, using a pen or sharp pencil.

Attach your paper stencil to the candle with tape and transfer the design, using a sharpened #2 pencil to etch the design into the wax.

Remove the paper and use a carving tool to carve design, depth, and variations. Be creative.

Before using, wash your candles with warm water and wipe down with a scrap of cotton jersey. This final step will give the candle a polished finish.

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