At Alabama Chanin, we have often looked to nature for stencil inspirations. Many of the first stencils I designed when I started embellishing recycled T-shirts were of bugs and animals—what I felt were constant surroundings when I made my return home to Alabama from New York over a decade ago.

Our newest DIY Men’s Kit features the Scorpion stencil, designed by Butch Anthony, on a yoked T-shirt. The yoke cut of the T-shirt helps it stand apart from the standard tee. The design and style fit easily into any man’s wardrobe.



Men’s DIY Scorpion Yoke Shirt Kit
Basic sewing supplies: embroidery scissors, pins, needles
Alabama Stitch BookAlabama Studio Style, or Alabama Studio Sewing + Design: All three of these books contain the basic sewing and embroidery techniques we used to make our version of this shirt.


To construct the shirt, first follow the instructions for reverse appliqué, found in any of our Studio Books, to create the Scorpion design on the front. Make sure to align the matching front and back pieces of the shirt body, wrong sides together, and pin.


Sew the back yoke to the large back piece using a stretch stitch. Repeat with the front yoke and the front, reverse appliquéd piece. Make sure to lap the center of the front yoke ¼”, left over right side. Sew the sleeves of the shirt in; shirts always seem to stitch together more easily and have a better fit if the sleeves are stitched in before you sew together the side seams. Sew the sleeve and side seams together. We used an outside floating seam, but that is a matter of taste and desired style. We did not use rib binding to finish the neckline, opting to leave it raw and stitch it together with a stretchable herringbone stitch.


Fabric weight – 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Fabric color top layer – Navy (body), Black (yoke and sleeves)
Fabric color back layer – Black
Stencil – Scorpion (available for download from our Resources page)
Textile paint color – Black
Button craft thread – Black #2
Knots – Inside
Seams – Outside floating
Binding stitch – Herringbone (yoke and neckline)

You can purchase the DIY Men’s Scorpion Yoke T-Shirt Kit, starting today. Visit our online store and select your size and top layer color choice.


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