Long gone are the days when dad took no interest in the kitchen and left the cooking to other members of the family. These days, many fathers are foodies or wine experts or whiskey connoisseurs—or all three. Here, a neighborhood group of fathers regularly challenge one another in unofficial competitions over who can make the tastiest fried chicken, ribs, or barbecue. They compare knives and talk marinades and rate craft beers.

Years ago, fathers and grandfathers who cooked may have viewed apron usage unnecessary. My own father rarely cooked during my childhood (I was well-fed by my mother and both of my grandmothers), but he does still join me in the kitchen each New Year to help prepare Hog Jowl, Collards, and Black-eyed Peas (the holy trinity of the south). And yes, I have also lent him an apron to wear on these occasions. These days, the visibility of celebrity chefs and barbecue pit masters – all wearing aprons – has made the apron dad’s new must-have accessory. In fact, my son, Zach, who is a chef (and a now a father) has quite a collection of aprons which I’m sure have served as giant bibs, stain concealers, makeshift blankets, and impromptu cleaning rags.

This Father’s Day, we recommend that you try your hand at the all-new DIY Men’s Pig Apron. It is an easy project for sewers of all experience levels and the basic embroidery techniques make it a good way to involve kids in the gift-making process.



DIY Men’s Pig Apron Kit
Basic sewing supplies: embroidery scissors, needles, pins, and Alabama Studio Sewing + Design

Purchase the DIY Kit from our online store. The apron is a longer, half apron with long cotton jersey pulls secured and tied around the waist. It is stenciled with both our Tomato and Pig designs. We used reverse appliqué to highlight the Pig silhouette; the Tomato stencil is left unembellished and simple. See Alabama Studio Sewing + Design for instructions on the reverse appliqué technique.


Once your embellishment is complete, add the two-sided pocket to the apron’s front. Clean finish the seams of the pocket fabric by turning under the edges of the fabric 1/8” and securing them around the entire outer perimeter of the rectangle with a straight stitch. Sew the finished pocket to the apron around the sides and the bottom, leaving the top open. We sewed a straight stitch down the middle of our fabric to create two smaller pockets, rather than one large one.

Secure the extra-long cotton jersey pulls to the top of the apron by securely tacking the end of the pull to the inside of each side of the apron.

Select the thread and apron colors of choice when ordering. All kits come with an attachable pocket, in Brunette. The reverse appliqué backing fabric will be Camel. You can opt to stitch the entire design – rather than just the Pig – using reverse appliqué. When ordering, please indicate this in the comments section and we will include enough fabric for a full backing layer.

Fabric weight – 100% organic medium-weight cotton jersey
Fabric color top layer – Earth
Fabric color back layer – Camel
Fabric color for pocket – Brunette
Textile paint color – Pearl Brown
Button Craft thread – Dogwood #155
Treatment – Reverse appliqué
Knots – Inside


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  1. Heather

    I adore this!! And as my husband has over 21 varieties of tomatoes in our back garden, I think he will love it too!
    Will this be on your site after Father’s Day as well? It would make a great gift all year long!

    1. Alabama

      Hi Heather,

      Yes, the kit will remain on our site after Father’s Day; we are offering it at a special discounted price through June 13.