Last year we reinstated our Annual Community Picnic, which we first held in 2002, in the back yard of our first production office and studio at Lovelace Crossroads—a brick ranch-style house located just north of Florence, Alabama. What began as an afternoon of “Dinner on the Ground” with our staff, artisans, and their families, all seated on blankets, quilts, and fold-out chairs, found itself—13 years later—hosted at The Factory Café, alongside a sampling of workshops and tours of our studio space. Each year, there are new faces and always many friends, staying for hours on top of hours to eat in fellowship, share stories, and gather—all while children run and play until near exhaustion. There are plates full of potato salad, barbecue, biscuits, and pie.

Alabama Chanin was officially founded in 2006, a year before our move from Lovelace Crossroads to The Factory. Documents were signed; paperwork was filed at the local courthouse; and Alabama Chanin, Inc. was made official. And so, 10 years later—10 years of good work, of blood, sweat, and tears, of partnerships, friendships, growth, learning, loving, designing, making, teaching, cooking, sewing, and doing business—we proudly celebrate those times and mark how much we have grown, and who we are as a company.

We invite you to join us in celebration at our Open House + Community Picnic on April 9, beginning at 10:00am at The Factory.

The day will be filled with workshops, tours, music, and a potluck lunch. Come one, come all…bring your family and friends, your favorite side dish (or dessert), and your very best stories. Alabama Chanin is deeply rooted in this community, and our community is deeply connected to us. We thank our local and global community for your support over the years.

P.S.: The grid at the top is from our newest ad for the No’Ala. Be on the lookout for it in the March/April issue hitting shelves soon.


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  1. Mareena Hunter

    Congratulations on these last years. You have changed so much even
    since I visited in 2007! And you are doing so much good in the community.
    You all are an inspiration to me!

  2. Ginger Annette

    Natalie, congratulations on your anniversary celebration!!! A picnic sounds like the perfect way to commemorate. You must feel so good about what you have accomplished for yourself and the community. You have made The Factory a jewel in an industrial area. You’ve provided work for contracting artisans (some of whom have special circumstances with which your requirements mesh so perfectly), as well as, a number of employees. And the work you have provided them is something to be proud of, sustainable and real and organic. Since Alabama Chanin’s inception, you’ve expanded your product line with ever-changing, fresh designs in your original hand-sewn line and you’ve added the A. Chanin line, DIY kits, raw materials for sale (including naturally dyed fabric), 4!!! books, the cafe, The Factory… You’ve helped other sustainable small businesses by promoting their products. Books and music originating from a variety of authors and musicians have reaped the rewards of your benefaction. Not to mention the food! -chefs and restaurants you’ve partnered with that have gotten a boost. And you’ve contributed in a major way toward getting the word out about “slow fashion”, textiles made sustainably by hand. You have so many good accomplishments to reflect on with gratitude! Take time to enjoy this anniversary.