Last year, we introduced our New Leaves stencil in Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns. When we began experimenting with scale in design and in patterns, New Leaves was a natural choice to reduce and expand in size because the graphic interest evolved and changed focus as the stencil grew larger or smaller.

You can see the versatility of the stencil when you look at how the pattern was used in our DIY Kit collection. Each of the garments is stylistically similar but has a different perspective, depending on which design element is most in focus. When we changed the context of the design entirely and used it to decorate the street outside 116 E. Mobile, we expanded the whole stencil rather than focusing on one or two individual elements. The effect was impactful in a different way, again showing how diverse the stencil really is.

We currently offer the classic New Leaves stencil for download online. In an effort to allow you to experiment with scale in your own designs, we are making the stencil available in a smaller and a larger version, as well. The XS New Leaves is 49% the size of the original stencil, and the artwork measures 25.3” x 40.4”; the Medium New Leaves version is 184% the size of the original, with the artwork measuring 30.2” x 51.9”. The stencil artwork for Medium New Leaves is available for download here.


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  1. Ginger Annette

    How imaginative to alter the scale of the New Leaves stencil. My favorite, the XS version is delicate with a more feminine feel, but will certainly require much more labor to appliqué, reverse appliqué, or otherwise embellish! The very large version is appealing in its simplicity and, to me, exudes a slightly masculine feel. Both are born from an inspirational design and each exhibits its own beauty.