Our A. Chanin line was conceived with the idea that we could design and produce machine-made goods using the same principles, materials, and artisan-based philosophy as our handmade items. These items could be made at a lower price point – and therefore make Alabama Chanin products accessible to a larger number of people.

But as we partnered with Nest and continued to develop Building 14 services, we learned that making products by hand and making products by machine are equally challenging, inspiring, and take considered artisan participation. The machine-made garments we create and the people who create them have their own unique stories – stories as meaningful and unique as our handmade pieces and the artisans who make them. The hand and machine-made pieces are created using the same production processes, the same fabric, the same design team, and the same approach, as our handmade line. We began to wonder why we chose to separate the two in the first place, as they are sisters from the same mother.


Creating and growing the machine-made division of the company helped us expand, develop, and crystallize the Alabama Chanin voice. In retrospect, we see that we had to focus on machine craft and understand it from every perspective to realize that it was not a separate entity at all. Our hand and machine-made pieces complement one another and strengthen one another.

With the launch of our newest collection, our basics, essentials, machine- and handmade garments are folded together and continue to represent a range of price points.


We are excited to marry all of our work into one unified voice– and we thank you for following along as we continue to evolve and grow.

Explore our most recent collection, and a selection of our essential items, which is a selection of perfect layering pieces and accessories.

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