We found a few more yards of limited-edition colors¬†around our studio. It’s the last chance to stock up.

Here’s what left:
Medium-weight Light Blush
Medium-weight Peach
Medium-weight Gold
Medium-weight Butter
Medium-weight Emerald
Medium-weight Brunette
Medium-weight Steel
Medium-weight Teal
Medium-weight Rose
Medium-weight Dusk
Lightweight Ballet
Lightweight Blue Slate
Lightweight Brunette
Lightweight Burgundy
Lightweight Camel
Lightweight Carmine
Lightweight Denim
Lightweight Forest
Lightweight Grape
Lightweight Midnight
Lightweight Peacock
Lightweight Pistachio
Lightweight Plum
Lightweight Sand
Lightweight Silt

P.S.: Our Printed Cotton Jersey is back in stock.




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  1. maureen willetts

    I live in the UK, is it possible to purchase some last chance jersey and how much is it please. I’ve only just come across this on Pinterest.