With over 100 stitches included in The Geometry of Hand-Sewing, practicing and completing all of them seems like a daunting task. The Stitch Journal makes it easy to work through the book once stitch at a time to build and perfect your skills—start with the most basic, easy stitches and work through the book towards the more complex. This skill-building tool gives you the opportunity to practice challenging stitches before applying them to a larger project or garment.


You’ll receive two of The School of Making Binders along with pages that will allow you to organize your stitch samples as you complete them with room for notes under each stitch. There are also pages included that hold larger samples and swatches for use with patterned stitches or experimenting with working off the grid.

Use the Stitching Cards provided in the back of The Geometry of Hand-Sewing along with The School of Making erasable pen that’s included with the Stitch Journal so you can mark your fabric and easily follow the diagrams in the book ensuring straight, even stitches. The Stitch Journal includes all of the supplies needed to complete every stitch in the colors used throughout the book.

What’s included:

We can’t wait to see what you make. Share your progress with us on Facebook or Instagram using #theschoolofmaking and #thegeometryofhandsewing.

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