“Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary —it’s an act of infinite optimism.” – Gilda Radner

From primordial goddesses to present day working moms, the roles of mothers and society’s expectations of her have experienced a myriad of changes. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, this week we explore mythic figures, cultural traditions, and the history behind this modern holiday.

Julia Ward Howe’s “Mother’s Day Proclamation”

The “surprisingly dark history” of Mother’s Day

Ancient mother goddesses

“Mother Madness” on the Journal

Birthing traditions around the world

“A Brief History of How We Think About Motherhood”

Stories of medieval mothers who had to “marry and murder to get their way”

In Alabama: Mother’s Day Freedom Riders ***Please note that there is some ugly language at the beginning of this article, but this is used in a historical context. At Alabama Chanin, it is our goal to shine an unflinching light on our past while creating new narratives for an inclusive future.***

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Our Antipasti Mondays get a change in programming starting May 14th.  Starting then, our new café cooler will be fully stocked with picnic-style and to-go lunch options for easy self-service. The cooler will remained stock all week, giving you the option to stop by at any time to grab it to go. You can expect to find half-pints of pimento cheese, White BBQ chicken, Gram Perkins Egg Salad, Belle Chevre goat cheese logs, bacon jam, fruit, Harvest Roots Kimchi and pickles as well as bottled sodas, water, and Milo’s tea. Coffee, beer, and wine will be available as well. Find the Daily Lunch + Saturday Brunch menu here.

This Thursday’s Spring Harvest Supper is sold out, but keep a lookout for the announcement of our next Supper Club held in July by following @alabamachaninfactorycafe on Instagram.

Give Mother’s Day a delicious start with our Mother’s Day Brunch at The Factory on May 13th. Two seating times are available. Find the details here.

Tickets are now available to hear Natalie share her story at The Moth‘s Montgomery Mainstage in Alabama on May 18th as part of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Come out and hear her story about “flirting with disaster.”

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  1. Eva

    I would live to read the essay “Mother Madness”, but it requires a subscription to the WSJ. Any chance to post the article somehow? Thank you.