There have been some questions recently about why I want the world to know that “I AM NO LONGER PART OF PROJECT ALABAMA.” While there is a long and delicate history behind this statement, the crux of the situation is this:

Project Alabama started one day in the year 2000 as I hand-sewed a t-shirt for myself; however, the concept of making t-shirts goes back to about a year before that fateful day. That first hand-sewn shirt hatched a company, a concept, a clothing line and ultimately brought me back to my family, childhood home and community. The concept of Project Alabama was to make community-based fashion by-hand, focusing on recycled and sustainable materials, using traditional techniques with an American flavor. It is my feeling today that we did those things and we did them very well. I am proud of the company that I started, ran and loved with all my heart and soul.

As happens, things change, people, companies and concepts grow and take on their own lives. The Project Alabama that I started closed in September of 2006 and the company that I loved grew into what is now Alabama Chanin.

Project Alabama still exists; however, it is no longer produced here in Alabama, as was my original intention (I understand that the total production is now housed in India); the offices are no longer housed in Alabama, as my original vision of community dictated (the website reads New York); and the line is not designed by me, as many people still believe (although I believe that a former employee of Project Alabama is still designing for the company). So, l write this to say, I AM NO LONGER A PART OF PROJECT ALABAMA.

Our family of community, artisans, employees and friends are still here; we do the same work at Alabama Chanin that we started with Project Alabama, with the same attention to detail, love for our thread and commitment to our community both here and worldwide.

“Life is in the Details.” This is a saying that I had posted in our cutting room by the front door of our offices for 6 years. It was a motto to live and work by.

The current Project Alabama website now has that saying listed at the top of its “About Us” page. However, to take a saying from one context and move it to another can imply a totally different meaning. It is important to look into the details of life, into the details of the products that we buy, and how we choose to live our lives.

I ask each and every one of you to delve into the “details.”

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