Recently at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, I had the joy of learning about Memoire Liquide.

It is an amazing and somewhat overwhelming experience to stand before their counter of hundreds of smells, beautiful little bottles and expert sales staff. I was asked questions about my favorite perfumes: Shalimar, “the flagship perfume of the House of Guerlain,” and about my favorite smells: vanilla and cinnamon, two kitchen staples.

I felt at once exhilarated and terribly intimidated standing at the Memoire Liquide counter. I wanted to smell and try all. I wanted to have the entire day to start over and experiment with building my own scent. I wanted to take the entire counter home. But, truthfully, while I have always been drawn to certain fragrances, I am really not knowledgeable about the bases and ingredients.In December, I was lucky enough to meet Michelle Krell Kydd and discover Glass Petal Smoke. My experience of Memoire Liquide reminded me of my many conversations with Michelle and filled my mind with memories of life. I was suddenly reminded of being a little girl in the bathtub and mixing all sorts of lotions, shampoo and cream to formulate my own “perfume.” I told Michelle that I was once asked if I had to “choose only one sense, which one would it be?” My answer, at that time, was the sense of “smell.” And while I am no expert, I know immediately my likes and dislikes. Michelle introduced me to the Tonka Bean by mailing me my very own with the instructions to” place in a sealed glass jar and smell only after two weeks.”

Thinking of scent always reminds me of the beautiful short story from Anais Nin’s, Delta of Venus, about the lover who lost his love because he changed his scent. I believe that smell is so ingrained into our whole being that such a simple thing can change a person forever. Point in fact: I once broke up with a boyfriend because I woke up one morning unable to bear the way he smelled.

I love this quote:

Memoire Liquide Bespoke Perfumery
Remember….Be Remembered….

Standing before the counter at Memoire Liquide, I finally settled for a beautifully packaged set of 3 scents:

Joie de Vivre
Fleur de Coton

Flower of Cotton indeed.

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