I briefly mentioned Belle Chevre in a post from a few weeks back and feel compelled to talk more about this company today.

I had the opportunity to meet Tasia recently and fell in love with her story, her passion and the Tuscan Chevre that she so kindly left at our studio.

Last night, in a hurry to eat, read books to Maggie and generally manage life with a two-year old, I threw together a dinner from the fridge which was one of the best I have had in awhile. It literally took about 15 minutes and serves 4.


4 handfuls fresh green salad mix from the garden
1 cup cherry tomatoes– our local farm has a greenhouse and already has delicious tomatoes
2 left-over grilled chicken breasts
Tuscan Chevre from Belle Chevre
One-half lemon – juiced
Salt and Pepper

Place jar of Tuscan Chevre in hot tap water to warm. Slice cherry tomatoes in half, lightly salt and set aside. Slice chicken breasts into one-eighth inch strips and set aside. Wash and dry greens.

Fill one-half of a plate with greens and add salted cherry tomatoes. Fan chicken slices on other half of plate. Spoon warmed goat cheese on to top of each slice of chicken centering the cheese on each slice. Remove remainder of goat cheese from jar, leaving oil and place the cheese in bowl to be eaten at the table. Spoon oil & “goodies” from the jar and drizzle over the chicken and cheese slices


Add juice from one-half lemon and pepper to taste to remainder of oil in jar. Close lid and shake. Pour dressing over salad and eat.

Put crackers on the table to enjoy the remainder of your Tuscan Chevre.

*Photograph from Southern Living – April 2008

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