Martha Hall Foose is coming to town today and I am very excited.

Book signing, cooking demonstration and dinner make for a “real” adult evening by anyone’s standards.

She sent along this email, story and poem as a sampling of what we have to look forward to:

Hey gal! Thrilled about my return to the shoals… Thought you might like this poem by my high school English teacher Mrs. Bee Donnalley:


It’s tricky
The making
Rather like children
One batch is never quite the same
as the one before
Did we stir too much with one?
Too much sugar?
Maybe a little extra tart to balance?
Was the Sure-Jelly too old?
The secret is to skim
quickly the top layer
Knowing the sweetness lies
beneath the surface
The tang mixing with the balm
And with some, it takes a bit longer
to set up

Don’t miss Martha’s book… great stories, great drinks, great food, great kids, great people:

Screen Doors and Sweet Tea

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