Hi Natalie–

I’m sending photos from summertime in our yard. The Luna moth was drying itself off; it had just peeled out of its cocoon. They don’t live very long because they don’t eat. As a matter of fact, they don’t even have mouths. As beautiful as they are, I’d hate to be a luna moth.

Jess, John T and I loved watching over the robins’ nest. The mother sat on the egg clutch for weeks, and I was tempted to take her a magazine to break the monotony. The last photo was taken the day before John T and I walked to the Crape Myrtle to check on the babies. As we approached, they fluttered into the air and clumsily took off. I jumped and nearly had a heart attack. I felt terrible that their mother wasn’t able to say goodbye, but she was probably sick of hunting down so many bugs and worms. She was a good mama!

We are packing to take off for a week at the beach. I don’t know what I’ll do without a dishwasher to unload. Maybe chase crabs and beach critters on the beach with my family? I think I feel salt-water air already….

I hope y’all had a good workshop this week.



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