Happy Birthday America and St. EOM or better known as “Vacation Part 2”:

Angie swears that she is making a cake for the competition and I am seriously considering Snake Calling – see you there!

Buena Vista, GA – Independence Day this year will bring a special day of celebration to Pasaquan, the famous visionary art site located near Buena Vista. July 4th, 2008 will mark our nation’s 232nd birthday as well as the 100th birthday of the man who created Pasaquan — Eddie Owens Martin — who called himself St. EOM.

Eddie Martin was born in Marion County, “at the stroke of midnight on July the 4th” in 1908. After living in New York City for many decades, Martin returned to his rural Georgia home and began building what would become one of the most remarkable and colorful environmental art sites ever created. Since his death in 1986, the unique site has been managed and maintained by the non-profit Pasaquan Preservation Society.

Events of the Day

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of St. EOM’s birth, The Pasaquan Preservation Society has planned a relaxed schedule of interesting and fun outdoor events, suitable for adults and children alike. The festivities will begin at noon with picnicking and music on the cool shaded lawn that lies beneath Pasaquan’s stately pecan trees. Visitors are welcome to bring their picnic baskets, coolers and lawn chairs, or they may take advantage of the pizza, cold watermelons, cooling soft drinks, and other festive food and drink that will be on sale at Pasaquan that day.

Following lunch, a series of laid-back afternoon contests will be offered for the enjoyment and entertainment of all who attend. Included among the planned Pasaquan-related activities will be a snake-calling contest, a Pasaquan costume parade and competition, and a St. EOM birthday cake contest. In addition, there’ll be several surprise activities.

St. EOM, Man of Mysteries

During Eddie Martin’s tenure at Pasaquan, a number of myths arose regarding his supposed possession of supernatural powers. One such widely held belief was that he somehow developed voice control over a cadre of rattlesnakes, which, according to the storytellers, served as his personal protectors at Pasaquan. Anyone, according to the tale, who expressed bad will toward St. EOM was quickly rebuffed by a dozen or more emerging serpents.

Snake Calling Contest

In recognition of the trained snake yarn, visitors to Pasaquan on July 4th will be invited to compete in making whatever sounds they think will appeal to snakes that may be within earshot. A panel of judges will select the winning caller based on originality, tone, rhythm, and volume. However any caller who actually charms a snake into personally appearing during the competition will immediately be declared the winner by default and crowned the Superior Snake-calling Champion of Pasaquan, 2008. Any contestant who attempts to unfairly sway the competition by deviously calling his or her own trained snake will be disqualified from the contest and banished from the Land of Pasaquan forever.

Pasaquan Costume Parade and Competition

All who visit Pasaquan on July 4th are encouraged to appropriately dress in Pasaquan inspired apparel. For visual hints on the many remarkable forms and patterns of Pasaquoyan regalia, contestants should refer to the photographs of St. EOM at the Pasaquan web site: http://www.pasaquan.com. Costumed visitors may enter the Pasaquan costume contest and vie for a number of coveted awards that will be generously dispensed by the Pasaquan Society’s board of directors. Prizes for the best costumes will be awarded based on audience reaction.

St. EOM Birthday Cake Contest

Lastly, in celebration of St. EOM’s 100th birthday, visitors are invited to prepare and bring decorated St. EOM birthday cakes to Pasaquan on July 4th. Cakes entered into competition will be displayed, judged, and then shared with fellow celebrants at the festive event. Cakes will be judged based on the qualities of form, color, creativity, and taste. Intriguing and coveted Pasaquan-related prizes will be awarded to winners in three Pasaquan-inspired cake categories: Most Visionary Cake, Most Fortune-nate Cake, and Most Past, Present, and Future Cake.

Schedule of the day

11:00-1:00 picnicking, watermelon eating, music, and tours
1:00-1:30 St. EOM Birthday Cake Contest
1:30-2:00 Pasaquan Costume Parade and Competition
2:00-3:00 Snake Calling Contest

Finding Pasaquan

Pasaquan is located approximately 3.5 miles from the Buena Vista courthouse square. Admission for adults and children over five years of age is $5.00 a person. Children five and under are admitted free. On July 4th, the gates to Pasaquan will open at 10:00 a.m. and close at 4:00 p.m. Pasaquan will also be open for general tours on Saturday, July 5t and on the first Saturday of each month thereafter through November. For directions on how to get there and for much more information on the history of Pasaquan go to http://www.pasaquan.com.


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