As you will have noted, I had taken a small break from posting here while we were working on our new collection.

However, during this time, my father suffered a stroke following his third treatment for Multiple Myeloma. I am bleary-eyed.

This has been a scary, trying, and intense time filled also with compassion, caring, and the strength of human commitment to heal my father.

We are thankful to the staff at University of Arkansas Medical Sciences for their support and expertise.

My father received a positive report this morning and he has a wonderful chance for complete recovery. I am extremely grateful and know that my life is filled with HEROES.

And visit Multiple Musicians Against Multiple Myeloma – An event to benefit the International Myeloma Foundation. I received this lovely “Myeloma Sucks” pin while on the Myeloma station at UAMS with my father.

When you are thinking about giving this year, consider the Multiple Myeloma Foundation.

I am sending a wish of health, happiness, peace and thanks to everyone who has helped us through this time.

May we remember to live our lives to the fullest each and every day.

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