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I believe that the act of preparing, eating and sharing food should be at the center of our lives – not only feeding our bodies but our emotional and spiritual needs as well. One of my favorite things about cooking is sharing this experience with good friends and family. As it gets cooler, a simple and elegant home cooked meal is the perfect excuse to gather together to enjoy the bounty of the Fall harvest. The markets right now are a fantastic source of inspiration with all of the amazing fruits and vegetables available. A great dinner party does not have to be complicated – good, simple ingredients and clear organization are all you need to create a wonderful meal to share with loved ones. I want to show you how dinner parties can be fun for everyone – not just your guests!

For the next several months, as the weather gets colder and we need company more than ever, we are going to host a series of collective dinner parties that celebrate the season. I invite you to join us in Dinner Social.

Step 1 – The Menu

For each dinner I will create a dinner menu using the season’s freshest ingredients. It will include two canap├ęs and three courses (first, main and dessert) and I will also suggest wine pairings for each stage of the meal. I will write for you a step-by-step plan that will allow you to enjoy the party rather than working at the stove for the whole time. It is not going to be too complicated. It will be an easy way to combine wonderful, fresh ingredients and simple techniques to create an elegant meal for you, your friends and your family.

Step 2 – The Dinner Party

Even if I cannot be with you, I invite you to virtually share your dinner party experience with me. This way we can all see how the same menu can lead to such unique experiences.

Step 3 – Share The Experience

I invite you to join in this experience and document your party. After your individual dinner party is over, return to the site and share your highlights. I hope that you will post pictures and write about your experiences here on the site through our new gallery feature. There will even be a food photo contest that I hope you will enter. Submit your favorite picture of the beautiful food you have prepared and you could win something special.


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