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  1. SJF

    I just found this post for the first time via this sites wonderful “TAKE A RANDOM PATH” option. This embroidery is beautiful! I’ve loved Richard Brautigan since I was introduced to his work in college by a friend whose parent’s had all of his books (this was during a period when his books had fallen out of print and before one could buy used books online as there was no world wide web yet!). I think my favorite work of his is “The Abortion” (which, despite it’s title, has very little to do with that controversial procedure and much to do with a mysterious library and loneliness) and the story “Trout Fishing in America Terrorists” from the collection of stories and poems entitled, “Trout Fishing in America” (which has little to do with fishing, and has “MAYONNAISE” printed on the back cover). Esther chose well when she decided to embroider Brautigan’s poem “In Watermelon Sugar”!