For me, this past decade was about learning to use the resources that I had readily available. My goal for the next decade will be about digging deeper to fully understand all of the resources that I have and then to use those resources wisely and wildly.

It is my wish that we will use all of our gifts to enrich our lives this & every season of the year and upcoming decade:

Make the fabric above – “Waste Not Want Not” – by printing your left-over bubble wrap using a textile airbrush paint.

Simply lay out your fabric on a clean work table and apply paint lightly to the bubbly side of bubble wrap with any sort of sponge or brush.  Print onto fabric by pressing the painted side of the bubble wrap gently to your fabric. Repeat as desired.

We used a taupe color paint (mixing white with tiny amounts of yellow and black) on a white fabric; however, any color will work.

Let your printed fabric dry thoroughly and do not wash for at least three weeks to allow curing. This resource can be used for paper, wood or any other surface that you might choose to decorate.

Wash bubble wrap after use and store for using over and over and over again.

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