Congratulations to Leigh for being the winner of our sweepstakes for Project #7.

Her lovely text:

Folk Art. Primary colors. An afterthought lit with a silver glow. The importance of an exchange with beauty in our everyday lives. To live in the Art. Wear your Art. Creative like a child. Allowing yourself to enjoy a compliment. Celebrate the simple. Quality not quantity. Letting time win. Strong bonds take longer to make. Hard to break. Blood red says come to me. Flowers say slow down or you’ll miss me. Rich with the blues. Like water. Which heals. Raised petals come to life. Wants to be touched. Makes us smile. The Canvas is fabric. Brush strokes are thread. A maze of glass. Color in the midst of this grey Winter. A hint to a secret. By which only the wearer of this art knows. But if you’ll sit for tea. Under the magnolia’s. She will amaze you. In her handmade clothes. That each tells the stories of her life.

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