Our copies of Alabama Studio Style are arriving to our studio today and will be shipping out today and tomorrow!

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered. As a thank you, all of the pre-ordered books are being shipped with a little gift of a yard from our Green Organic cotton jacquard and inspiration for a project using both Alabama Studio Style and Alabama Stitch Book.

This Green Organic cotton jacquard is one of my favorite fabrics and the one that I used to make the Chair Pillow pictured above. Make one for your home by using the Chair Pillow instructions starting on page 152 of Alabama Studio Style along with appliqué instructions from page 62 of Alabama Stitch Book.

May the book(s) – and the projects that you will make – fill your homes with warmth and great stories…

Natalie and all of us @ Alabama Chanin

Green Organic Chair Pillow with Appliqué Angie’s Fall

Chair Pillow Instructions from Alabama Studio Style
Appliqué Instructions from Alabama Stitch Book
1/2 yard of 60”-wide 100% organic cotton jersey in one color
Scrap of cotton jersey in second color, for appliqué
Enough cotton jersey scraps in second color to make 80” of 1/2″-wide piping
Angie’s Fall stencil from Alabama Studio Style
Tools for your choice of stencil-transfer method
Rotary cutter and cutting mat
24” transparent plastic ruler
Tailor’s chalk or disappearing-ink fabric pen

12” x 14” pillow form</div

Our Design Choices
Pillow fabric: Green Organic Cotton Fabric
Appliqué fabric: White
Piping fabric: White
Stencil: Angie’s Fall
Paint: White
Thread: Cream
Seams: On pillow’s wrong side
Knots: Inside pillow


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