It was planned today that I would post for Kaffe Fassett’s Blog Tour. I have been carrying Kaffe Fassett’s Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts around with me for the last few weeks. And I have been thinking about Kaffe, about the book, taking in the photos, thinking about how cleverly the geometries work together and about how Kaffe draws inspiration so flawlessly from nature and then shares it so easily.

Saturday at Textile Fabrics, I looked at bolts of his fabrics, spoke with the (amazingly knowledgeable) staff about the fabrics and pondered what I wanted to write about Kaffe and his full body of work while outside it rained and rained and rained.

Yesterday morning, it was still raining and I sat and wanted to write about Kaffe but could only think about all the folks in Nashville who were not as lucky in that moment.

While I thought yesterday morning that my car – sitting in the front parking lot of Textile Fabrics – was 5 foot underwater. Now, I know that my car is safe and dry – as was I. But there are so many people in Nashville who are not safe and have, in fact, lost so much…

So, I think that Kaffe – with his respect and love for nature – would appreciate that I postpone my real blog post about his book until later in the week and dedicate this day to the lovely folks of Nashville who need all of our good wishes for the next days as they begin to pick up the pieces that water has displaced.

I am home now but my thoughts are for my friends in Nashville. Traci will be hanging her flooded quilt-tops out on the line this morning. I think that perhaps it will look a bit like the photograph of Kaffe’s quilts above.

May the sun shine on Nashville today.

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