According to friends, I might be the only person in North Alabama still harvesting tomatoes.  I was angry at myself for not getting them in the ground earlier this year; however, it seems that my busy life made the perfect storm for a great harvest.  One of Zach’s friends gave me a load of heirloom plants to try and I have to say that there were some great selections in the mix:  purple, yellow, and plums to name a few.  However, the “Green Grapes” have become coveted around my house.  I have saved some seeds for next year and will certainly (hopefully) have more than one plant.

Try out this great lunch:  Six Week Slaw (recipe below) with shaved Parmesan and halved green grapes.


This recipe is a take on a slaw I learned in the kitchen with Nelly – so many years ago  in Venezuela.

1 head cabbage
1 cup olive oil
1 cup white vinegar
Sea salt and cracked pepper to taste
Roasted sesame seeds

Bring olive oil and vinegar to a boil with salt and pepper.  Watch closely and remove as soon as it begins to bubble.  Set aside and cool – I usually put mine in the freezer. While vinegar and oil mixture is cooling, slice one head of cabbage thinly and place in a large bowl.

Once oil and vinegar is completely cool, pour over sliced cabbage and mix well and sprinkle with a handful of freshly roasted sesame seeds*.  Keeps covered in refrigerator for six weeks – although it rarely lasts that long at my house.

*You can roast your own sesame in a dry cast iron skillet very slowly over low heat.  Nelly taught me to roast slowly and be extremely attentive as sesame goes from roasted to “burnt” in a heartbeat.


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