It is pouring rain today. This calls for Maggie’s Dress and Wellies as I leave to drive the new collection to the airport for its trip to New York City.

It is one of our most beautiful ever.  Isn’t rain on your wedding day good luck?

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  1. Martha Boswell

    Rain is definitely good luck. I like to think that rain washes away the past to let the bride and groom start their life together as a married couple. What are you saying? Who is getting married??

  2. amisha

    it is such a stunning collection. and that dress is one of my favorites!
    and yes yes to the rain… indians always say that rain is very auspicious at weddings! so i was happy when it rained on my wedding day despite it being an outdoor wedding out by the louisiana swamp 🙂

  3. Erica

    rain is a given here in Oregon, as I sit by the fire and look out at…the rain.
    at least I also have a lovely view of Santa and his reindeer on my neighbor’s roof. Congratulations on your new collection Natalie, I’ll be sure to head downtown to check it out! xoox erica from portland

  4. Catherine

    sunshine is wonderful, but rain gives us life. Rain is far more interesting. Good Luck in NYC. The collection is Beautiful!

  5. Julie

    Any event that calls for breakin’ out the wellies is cause for celebration. The new collection is every bit as beautiful and inspiring as its older sisters!