My four-year-old daughter Maggie this morning while looking at the laundry hamper:  “Mama, you REALLY need to do the laundry. I’m just saying…”

Some days you just need to be running down the halls of the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris.  I’m just saying…

*Photo from my friends @  Le Deux Garcons – taken sometime last decade. xo

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  1. Louise

    I’m in! Anything to get away from laundry. Mimosas and croissant(s) for breakfast. Pâtisseries for lunch. Steak frites for dinner.

  2. Sara

    My dryer has been broken since forever. Can Maggie come chase me to the laundrymat? It might take the sting of the cold away? Just saying…

  3. india

    raining so hard here that doing the laundry is simply a matter of hurling it all in to the yard
    and then running running running etc…

    1. Alabama Post author

      India! How funny… the new Bloom is gorgeous with you and your colors. I was going to do a post about you this week so how funny that you write about the laundry- throwing it all in the yard and running might make a beautiful color…

      Will you be coming to the South again this year? xo

      1. india

        hey Natalie
        i’ll be in Minnesota and Wisconsin in June
        then Maine in August
        Ontario and Nova Scotia in October
        ideally i would spend the time in between wandering America in a Mustang
        but instead France, Italy, Switzerland and a few trips home call instead
        would love to swing by Alabama sometime
        have just mentioned you on our virtual sewing circle at
        and nearly finished editing ‘second skin’ where Alabama Chanin features in the gallery pages…

  4. india

    me again….tried to place an order for your stitch film [the christmas bonus 20% offer lured me in] but the order page won’t recognise an australian address. in fact it has multiple kittens at the thought….