Sunday morning in the garden and seeds are starting to sprout.

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  1. kelley blevins

    Good Morning Nat. Thanks for posting. It is 21 degrees here and just three days ago, I had a severe case of spring fever. Knowing it is warm in my native south and that you are enjoying on this Sunday gives me hope that the warm breezes will start their trek towards us here. Miss you!

  2. Louise Farant

    Mon Dieu! We are so far from that here! Still a month or so away from the snow melting unless things change here in Southern Ontario.

  3. Mamie

    Oh, now i want a bottle tree so bad. Happy spring from SoCal to the South. I have some promising pea shoot out in my beds and the strawberries are fruiting. Yay for gardens!

  4. barbara

    the bottle tree is just lovely and so inspirational!
    I have to tuck this idea away for someday when we have a yard of our own.