Although Allegra Hicks: An Eye for Design has been laying on my coffee table for months, it seemed the perfect opportunity to dive in on this cold, cold evening. (Thanks to Abrams for sending along a review copy.)

Sitting with a glass of wine in front on the fire, I find Allegra’s colors and textures a breath of fresh air to winter gray.  And I am mesmerized by Antonio Monfreda’s art direction and the juxtapositions of Emanuele Mascioni’s beautiful photographs. Allegra has also taken the time to walk the reader through her design process and inspiration with simple, lovely prose.

A great inspiration book for every library:  Allegra Hicks: An Eye for Design

“This idea of art and life being fused harmoniously together has shaped my work.  I let designs evolve out of pleasure, out of seeing something that I find inspiring and beautiful.  The is no aggression or violence in a pattern when I finally find it (although those can be part of the process of getting a design fully realized!). Looking at Matisse taught me a lot, too – especially the way in which he used color and line to communicate the joy he felt in looking at the world around him.  So I really thank my parents for giving us this background, since, of course, feeling that artistic things are natural does not just encourage you to create; it also gives you something deeply as a person…a sort of affinity with harmony.” – Allegra Hicks, page 9

“The biggest compliment anyone could pay me is that they feel I have made something that is more a matter of culture than of fashion.  That is my goal, even if that means that my clothing might not be able to define an era as fashion often can.” – Allegra Hicks, page 13

Leave a comment below by Saturday, February 12th, 2011 for a chance to win your own copy.  (All rules and regulations apply.)

Congrats to Kelly Wallace for being selected in a random drawing to receive a copy of Allegra’s new book.  Come back soon for books, music and more.


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  1. Ina

    … what a brilliant choice of reading on a winter’s day natalie … would love to have a chance at a copy gracing my coffee table too!!!

  2. Kelly Wallace

    Greetings Natalie, I’m a long time follower of your blog and your business. You’re one of my heroines.

    The book looks great and yes what a great way to spend a very cold night here in Alabama.

    All the best.

  3. Michelle

    Thank you for introducing me to Allegra Hicks! I didn’t know of her work before, but find the images you have “quoted” to be very stirring. I would love to have this book–it seems to have so many ideas one could translate into one’s choice of media.

  4. Theresa Hendrickson

    Natilie, Thanks for posting such a vast mix of people involved in the arts. In looking at, and considering Ms. Hicks work as shown in the photographs in this post, and from what you have written, it appears that the work of all three artists involved in the making of Hicks book, becomes stronger, as a result of their collaboration. Thank you for noting Monfreda’s genius. It is clear that the work of both Mascioni and Hick’s can stand alone, however, it is when viewed in tandem that a tension is created, and the “art” that is the book, becomes a cultural comment. No mere documentation of a single individual work could ever be as strangely wonderful as the admixture of Hicks and Mascioni. Bravo Monfreda! T.

  5. Michelle Shopped

    i’m in the middle of janisse’s book which i am smitten with but i have been a surface design 2D/3D junkie since my intro to it in my college art classes — loved it so much, repeated the classes a couple of times — could not get enough of it…

  6. gisele

    Oh, so gorgeous!
    This is a book to make you think.
    I love the sentiment of beauty being part of everyday life. Life can be beautiful, can’t it?

  7. Sarah Freligh

    It’s cold and snowy up here on the North Coast (Rochester, New York), and I was sorely in need of a little creative fire. Thanks for sharing quotes and photos from this beautiful book!

  8. teresa hays

    Thank you Natalie for another post that again exposes me to an artist and work that I would like to explore further. I always look forward to checking in with you via your journal. I have enjoyed and been inspired by so many things that I would not have come across without your posting and sharing. thank you so much for all of your postings, past, present and future best, teresa hays

  9. Geri Terry

    As a child, my Grandfather told me to watch the rain drops on the pavement behind their house, and see the ballerinas dancing on the water. Allegra’s book reminded me of the gift I was given, to be told I have an eye for beauty. Thanks for sharing your eye for beauty with us.

  10. naughty

    Allegra Hicks is a London-based designer whose line of luxury fashion, homewares, and accessories is sold worldwide in department stores and boutiques as well as in her stores in London and New York. She is well known throughout the world for her unique textile designs, which she uses in her interiors as well as her fashion line.