A 12 hour road trip brought Amy and her mother to our weekend workshop @ the Factory last summer.

A weekend with new friends (our design team included), a rack of sample sizes, and our fabric archives were the beginning of one truly magical garment (actually, two).

120 hours, at least ten times as many stitches, and 5 ounces of glass beads later…

Amy said “I do.”

And her sister’s dress too:

Thank you Amy!  We wish you ALL the very, very best…

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  1. Rebecca West

    Oh my gosh, that dress is so beautiful! I went to her blog and read the earlier posts on the making of it! I enjoyed seeing you yesterday a.m. You walked by my house early, with beautiful Maggie, while I was working in my garden. I’ve made 3 corset tops and I love them. I’ keep threatening to come to a weekend workshop and I really need to just make it a priority and plan for it and do it!!!!!!!!!!!