Over the decade of my design work in Alabama, I have tried endless types of fabrics and combinations of fabrics; however, our clients return over, and over again, to our organic cotton jersey.  And as often as I have wanted to move away from cotton jersey, I reach for it each morning as I get dressed.  In my busy life, it is like having pajama day every day.  (If you can call an all-over, hand-embroidered dress a pajama.)

However, there is truth in the fact that one of our embroidered dresses can take you from morning coffee to an evening event with little modification.  (I do normally stop to change shoes.) Consequently, I have come to know a lot about organic cotton jersey.

Cotton-jersey fabric comes in a variety of weights and those weights are commonly described as ounces per linear yard. For the last decade at Alabama Chanin, we have been using a medium-weight jersey that averages 9.80 ounces per linear yard. However, we recently started working with a lightweight jersey that is stretchier than the medium-weight fabric and averages 4.76 ounces per linear yard.

I adore the quality of this new fabric when worked in our back-stitch reverse applique with our Anna’s Garden stencil. After several requests, we have added this new fabric to our online store. There are several colors in stock and new colors arrive weekly.

The outfit above (in Sand and Black) features two patterns from our upcoming Alabama Studio Sewing + Design. Both the T-shirt Top and the Mid-Length Skirt are perfect in our new lightweight cotton jersey.  I am currently making the Long Sleeve T-Shirt Tunic from Alabama Studio Style in the steel colored, lightweight cotton jersey using a back-stitch reverse applique Anna’s Garden stencil (as in the photo below). I foresee this being my new favorite piece for summer and fall – while layering it with a t-shirt for the winter.



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  1. Linda Selby

    The first two books are wonderful! Looking forward to the third… Beautiful texture & design on all your pieces. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  2. anjade

    I share your feelings about cotton jersey. It is easy to work with whether sewing by hand or machine, doesn’t run, snag or slide around and the colors are lovely. I like wearing it because it doesn’t make me feel stifled when I’m plagued by hot flashes and even though it is “drapy” or clingy, it follows my curves, but sort of skims over my unsightly bulges. I enjoy handsewing and embellishing your patterns and would be applying for a job there frequently if I didn’t live so far away, (Wisconsin).
    I am looking forward to getting your next book and hope that you might include a pattern of an item with sleeves.

  3. Laura

    I love where you’re going with the new jersey and the Anna’s Garden stencil. Any chance you’ll offer that on the website as a resource in advance? I see it in the shop & am very tempted! Gorgeous work!